Ark Empires: Colony Simulator

Earth is in chaos a nearby planet has been deemed habitable and designated for re-colonization. Dense forestry and native wildlife resembling creatures from the Jurassic Period have been recorded. Arks arrive on the planet carrying supplies and civilians with no control, resulting with weapons beginning to surface.

With nations rising across the planet, many have united into alliances to fend off against aggression and maximize profits. Do you have what it takes to create a prosperous nation and strike fear in your enemies?


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Latest Game Logs

Style Finished/Functionality in development
I got the style/layout to a decent point, not entirely happy with it but it will do. Community sidebar group is nearly finished, submenus need a little work. Tax incentives have been updated and collectors are currently being developed. Then is housing, and land.

Log #5 - Posted by Admin `22222 Feb-23-2015 22:10:34
New Layout
I finalized the new layout, not where I quite want it to be, something still seems off but it'll do for now.

Log #4 - Posted by Admin `22222 Feb-19-2015 02:34:30